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On its third year, the RemTECH Awards are developed by IMTC Conferences in partnership with Mohr World Consulting to showcase the most innovative and outstanding technological solutions designed to improve remittance services worldwide. Welcoming newcomers and veterans alike, we want to foster an environment of collaboration to streamline cross-border money transfers and better serve the migrants, expats, and businesses who rely on them.


Entrants must choose one of the following categories as their Main Category. They will also have the chance to choose a Secondary Category: End User Experience, B2B Solution (Back-Office Solution/ FX Management/ Treasury/ Customer Service), Compliance Innovation (RegTech/ KYC/ AML/ CTF), Remittances for Development Solution, Technology Innovation and Remittance Synergies Solution. Click on each category to see a description.


  • Innovations that contribute to development, benefit the market ecosystem and  improve transparency, speed, cost and reliability for the companies and end-users that send and receive remittances every day.
  • Entries can be projects, services, products, research, programs, campaigns, or activities released AFTER June 30, 2016.
  • Aspects of entries relating before this date will not be accepted. However, entries may still be in concept or pilot phase to-date.
  • Businesses, organizations, collectives, and individuals of all-levels of establishment from anywhere in the world are welcomed to apply.


This year the RemTECH Awards Ceremony will be hosted at the IMTC EMEA 2019 Conference in London, UK. The RemTECH Awards have been done in partnership with the Global Forum for Remittance, Investment, and Development (GFRID), first in New York at the GFRID2017 in the United Nations and last year at the GFRID2018 at Asia- Pacific event in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The RemTECH Awards are aligned with the GFRID vision & objectives, committed to raising awareness about the power of innovation, facilitating dialogue between entrepreneurs, international organizations and governments to promote collaboration on the contribution of migrant remittances to development by building partnerships to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). As we are also very interested in the power of Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) – Blockchain and Virtual Currencies & Tokens, to democratize the remittance industry, the RemTECH Awards have been included as a United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA) blockchain initiative.

etc.venues Victoria in London, United Kingdom

July 1-3, 2019


The Judging Panel is made of individuals that have been selected by IMTC and represent the mission and vision of the organization, the partners and the sponsors, executives with a proven track record in Fintech and remittances. Each judge will score each entry based on the judging criteria to determine the 2019 finalists by June 3. These winners will receive their trophy at the Awards Ceremony hosted at IMTC EMEA 2019 event.


Olivia Chow_circle

Olivia Chow

Founder of Yokip Consulting, reasearcher and consultant for the cross-border payments industry


Faisal Khan

Banking & Payments Consultant + Co-host of Around the Coin


Leon Isaacs

CEO of Developing Marketing Associates


Nina Hülsken

Experienced Payment Proyects Consultant

Luis Buenaventura2_bw

Luis Buenaventura

Crypto Entrepreneur, Author, Cartoonist and Founder of Bloom Solutions


Support innovation in remittances through technology by supporting the RemTECH Awards 2019. Get visibility from the International Money Transfer, Remittances & Cross-Border Payments Industry.

Partnership Offerings

  • Logo Placement on event website and on all event marketing materials
  • Announcement of the Partnership in Newsletter
  • Announcement of the Partnership in Social Media
  • The presence of partner’s logo and/or company name in a special online marketing campaign promoting the RemTECH Awards
  • Discounts on IMTC and The Blockchain Series events
  • A partner may be able to nominate a judge for the Independent Judging Panel


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Hugo Cuevas-Mohr

Founder, Director

Paulina Randmets

General Manager

Claudia Avila

Business Development

Florencia Miller

Marketing Coordinator

Ana Garcia

Customer Representative