You just completed the first step! Now follow the path:

  1. Below please put your Entry Name. Chose Wisely. It is the name we are going to use as your identifier throughout the journey. Since we allow multiple entries, each entry name must be different.
  2. Click the PayPal button to make your Entry Fee Payment. It is only USD $65. We might wave this fee but you need to have a great reason. Contact us and tell us.
  3. Once you Click the PayPal button you will be taken to the PayPal secure page and once payment is submitted, you will be taken immediately to the Entry Form where you will give us all the information about your entry. You can see a PDF of the Entry Form here if you want to “prepare”.
  4. You should also check the Award’s Terms & Conditions. It might be long but they are important since those are the rules which you as an Award Entrant (AE) and us will be bound. You can always ask us before sending your entry if anything doesn’t make sense.

If you need more information check the FAQs or Contact us.

Remember: When you enter into the awards you are bound by the following Terms & Conditions

Check the video interview for details and questions you might have!

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