Note: These FAQs are for informational purposes only. Check the Terms & Conditions for any details or clarification.

Is there a fee to apply?

Yes, go to entries and once you pay your entry fee of US 65.00 you will be taken to the entry form. We are waving the fee ONLY for persons, groups or companies that are not yet in business or have very recently introduced the solution (service, product, etc.). Recently is around 3 months. An established company can submit a newly launched product (i.e. “Mobile App by P2PayXpreee”) but the entry’s fee won’t be waived. 

Who can apply?

Any individual, collective, group, team, for-profit or non-profit entity, incorporated or not, public or private, can submit an entry. 

Who can vote for the participants once listed?

Anyone will be able to vote for entries. Any single individual can vote once per 24 hour period for the same entry. But they can vote for multiple entries. That won’t deter your must avid fans but keep in check the bingers (persons with excessive, unrestrained or uncontrolled behavior). Anyone can vote as long as the vote is legitimate and done by a human in his/her device.

How participants can encourage people to vote for them?

In order for people to vote the entry must be accepted and already in the RemTECH Awards site. To gain votes we encourage the participants to use social media, communication to colleagues, clients, friends, asking everyone to click on the vote buttons is the best way. IMTC as well as other partners and patrons will also promote the entries in IMTC’s events, social media channels and newsletter. Subscribe to our Newsletter, Follow us in Tweeter, Join our IMTC Linkedin Group, Subscribe to us in You Tube and like us in Facebook.

What is the voting process like?

Voters must click in the entry’s “VOTE” button on the RemTECH Awards voting page. They can also vote on the participant’s own page in the RemTECH awards site. The amount of votes will count in the overall awards decision as it is part of the Judging panel (JP) award criteria. Judges will give also give Public Preference Awards to the most voted. Voting will end on May 26 before the Judging Panel meets to decide the winners on the week of May 29-June 2..

Can entries be edited on the RemTECH Awards website?

Not directly. Submitting edits to us by email will be the only way permitted and only one time. Remember that every Award Entrant (AE) needs to name an Award Entry Representative (AER) who will handle all communications with the RemTECH Awards organization and whose email will be considered the AE’s ID. 

Can a video be submitted with the entry?

Yes, this is encouraged but only a link to You Tube or Vimeo (or any other site) should be provided. Videos will be also included in RemTECH’s you tube channel.

Can an entry be rescinded?

Yes, it can. If your entry is close to make it to the Award Ceremony we will try to convince you to change your mind.  In no circumstance the entry fee will be returned.

What does it imply when the rules mention that nominees will be invited to San Francisco for the June 13th presentation?

If an entry is nominated the Award Entrant will be invited to participate in the Nomination Presentations in San Francisco at IMTC USA on June 13th. This means that the conference fee will be waived (no registration charges). Each nominee hast to arrange its own travel and accommodations if needed, at his/her own expense. Is the same case for the Winners Presentations in New York on June 15th. All participants that want to join in San Francisco and/or New York will receive discounted fees and quite possibly some free passes.

If you have more questions, contact us and we will answer them. Maybe you discover something that we haven’t thought about!