Welcome to the RemTECH 2020 ballot. Below you will see all of our entries for the 7 categories:  Compliance Innovation, B2B Solution, Remittance Synergies, Remittances for Social Impact, End-User Experience, Innovation for Africa and Innovation in time of Crisis. They are denoted in each entry. There are also areas for you to score them on the following criteria:

  1. Originality, Creativity & Intent of Concept
  2. Value to Industry (how well does the innovation address a clearly defined problem, desire, or opportunity)
  3. Marketing of Innovation (quality of story, size of reach, creativity in campaigns, targeted channels)
  4. Game-Changer (potential impact and disrupt in their category and remittance industry as a whole)
  5. Implementation & Performance (go-to-market strategy and entries with track record will be rewarded)
  6. Sustainability & Potential for Growth (sound business model and market opportunity)

A nine-point scale will be used where 1 = Exceptionally Poor (the lowest score), 2 = Poor, 3 = Weak, 4 = Low-Average, 5 = Average, 6 = High-Average, 7 = Strong / Good, 8 = Excellent, 9 = Exceptionally excellent (the highest score). Please provide in the appropriate space.

There is also a comment box available. This is where you can note the use of your single Judge’s Mention. Please write what you’d like the award to be called and why in the space provided.

You will have to flip between this page and the Entries Page to view all the RemTECH Award 2020 submissions. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email o@yokip.consulting. Please remember to save often, which you’ll see a button available in each entry box. Have fun!

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