Our judging panel consists of vetted fintech and payment industry experts who will evaluate the RemTECH Awards 2019 entries. We appreciate their commitment to furthering money transfer innovation by taking time out of their schedules to contribute.

Olivia chow profile


Olivia Chow

Olivia is founder and CEO of Yokip Consulting, which provides blockchain cross-border payment advisory, research, and technology to startups, money service businesses, hedge funds, and exchanges. Olivia has a decade of experience helping public and private companies break into new markets and innovate. Yokip Consulting is based in New York with clients globally dedicated to bringing blockchain to cross-border payments understanding that the maturity of the blockchain payments infrastructure severely limits the other benefits and use cases of the technology. United by this goal, Olivia has worked closely with Mohr-World Consulting founder, Hugo Cuevas-Mohr on a number of projects, including co-chairing The RemTECH Awards 2018 and The Blockchain Series.

Whether directing the first consumer-focused and internationally-recognized finder.com Money Transfer Awards or improving sustainability for a supply chain for a corporation whose products can be found in 9 out of 10 American households, she leverages the same strategic, deeply investigative, and pioneering approach that is the foundation of Yokip Consulting’s stakeholder research and implementation. This has led her to speak on the subject, including at the Foresight and Trends Conference 2016, teaching at Saint Peter’s University in New Jersey, and being featured and consulting for The New York Times and Vice and Intel’s The Creator’s Project.



Luis Buenaventura

Luis started working in the Bitcoin space in 2014 with his startup Bloom Solutions, where he is currently CTO and focuses on bringing the blockchain to remittance businesses around the world. He authored the book “Reinventing Remittances with Bitcoin,” which collects strategies and stories about the fast-growing Bitcoin remittance industry.

His writing has been featured on Quartz, Techcrunch, The Next Web, Tech in Asia, and Rappler while maintaining his own blog and drawing nerdy cartoons. He’s presented on these topics at Inside Bitcoins Singapore, the International Money Transfer Conference (IMTC) in Madrid, San Francisco, Las Vegas and Miami, BlockFin Vietnam, and the Brookings Blum Roundtable in Aspen.



Leon Isaacs

Leon has a deep knowledge of remittances and in particular, how they work; the development potential of them, regulatory issues across multiple markets; the existing product offerings in the market; the challenges and opportunities in send and receive markets as well as consumer needs. He is a partner and founder of Developing Markets Association (DMA) in London where he provides assistance to and deliver projects for a wide range of stakeholders interested in harnessing remittances for development. In this area DMA clients are predominately multilateral institutions, national development agencies, money services business and Diaspora organisations.

Prior to establishing DMA, he worked for 15 years at a senior level for a number of international money transfer companies including MoneyGram, Travelex, Thomas Cook and Coinstar. At these companies he was very involved in developing the strategic direction of the businesses and was responsible for new product development as well as outreach strategies for increasing market share.

Leon continually liaises with international regulators, donor agencies technology companies, consumers, and all stakeholders with an interest in the remittance market as well as a speaker at conferences such as the IMTC, the International Money Transfer Conferences.



Faisal Khan

Faisal is a result-oriented Banking, Payments & Fintech Consultant and the owner of Faisal Khan & Company which specializes in Cross-Border Money Transfer and Payment Systems. Faisal has Payments in his DNA. One of the most recognized faces of the industry! He is a prolific Blogger, Quora Top Writer for 5-years running, Co-Host of fintech podcasts Around the Coin featuring a new series focusing just on remittances, Money on the Move.

He specializes in services for the money transfer industry on partnering, opening new markets, new channels, expanding their reach into foreign markets, gaining access to banking, optimizing international ACH payments, advising Fintech startups, individual entrepreneurs, Not-For-Profit entities, for old, new and emerging methodologies. Based out of Karachi, Pakistan, Faisal works globally with about 80% of his clients coming from North America and the remaining 20% from UK/EU.

Faisal is Co-founder & CEO of Interbank Financial Services (IBFS) a company that specializes the architecting and product validation of electronic payments systems for clients, specifically tailored around the alternative delivery channels for the money transfers, mobile payments and e-wallets. He was also the VP Operations of CoinX where he supervised CoinXTrader (the 1st Licensed Bitcoin Exchange in the US) and CoinHub (CoinX’s Remittance/Money-Transfer platform).