The Judging Panel (JP) will be directed to choose a “Best” entry per category below:

  • End User Experience
  • Social Impact
  • Marketing-Advertising
  • Innovative Agent Solution
  • Back-Office Solution (FX Management/ Treasury/ Customer Service)
  • RegTech/ Compliance/ KYC/ AML/ CTF
  • Social Impact
  • Business Service / B2B-B2P-P2B.
  • We also have an OPEN category for the out-of-the-box ideas that can’t fit in any other mold.

Categories are subject to change in favor of ease of judging i.e. if there are too many submissions for one category and the organizers decide to split the category in two. The JP can assign an entry to any other category they feel the entry also fits. The JP cab declare a null vote if no entry seems to deserve the designation or can choose two winners if it is difficult to select the “Best”.

The JP can also select a wide range of unique awards per category to shine a spotlight on individual characteristics of special entries and the JP has been instructed to consider the following unique awards:

  • Most Creative
  • Most Innovative Technology>Most Innovative Product
  • Most Innovative Service
  • Most Ready for Success
  • Most Marketable
  • The Leap-Forward Award
  • Africa’s Best
  • Latam’s Best
  • Europe’s Best
  • Asia’s Best
  • North America’s Best

The judging panel is free to come up with other creative designations for unique awards to highlight some entries that they feel have the merit to glow. Judging will be transparent, open and the detailed minutes of the meetings by the judges will be available publicly.

You cab also read the article How is technology changing the remittance industry? by Hugo Cuevas-Mohr.


The JP is expected to use the following Criteria based in seven different qualities to look for in each entry. The specific understanding of these criteria will be left to the Co-Chairs who will explain to the JP the meaning of each quality, understanding that these qualities might be seen by nuanced by each judge according to their own experience.

  • Originality, Creativity & Intent
  • Functionality & Technical Qualities
  • Ease of Use & Adoption
  • Game-changer – Impact
  • Integration & Performance
  • Sustainability & Potential for Growth
  • Popularity (in the voting process)


  1. Since all entries will be online, the judges will review the information that has been posted to the public
  2. The judges will receive a score sheet where they will grade the entries posted
  3. The score sheet will be divided based on the Judging Criteria to make it easier for judges to grade
  4. The score sheets will be added up by the different criteria and by totals and that information will be sent to all the judges for the final decisions
  5. The top in each category (and by unique award designation) will be the RemTECH Award Nominees that we will announce in June 13th in San Francisco as part of IMTC USA 2017
  6. From these Nominees, the winners will be selected by the judges. Judges can declare two winners if there is a tie or withhold the award in case there is no entry that deserves recognition.
  7. Nominees and Winners will be informed beforehand under strict confidentiality to allow the entrants the possibility of joining us in San Francisco or New York to receive the awards in person.
  8. An Award Auditor (AA) will oversee the judging process. The AA will certify the transparency and impartiality of the judging process and the entries selected for the awards.