Our Judging Panel is made of highly qualified professionals with a proven track record in fintech and remittances thoroughly selected by The RemTECH Awards organization. The independent Judging Panel will be responsible for determining the award’s Category Winners and Mentions between March 31st to April 10th for The RemTECH Awards 2018.

Category Winners

The RemTECH Awards has six categories:

All entries must be submitted by May 31, 2019 11:59:59 EST. Entries will have chosen a Main Category and a Secondary Category submitting different explanations as to why they believe their product should win each selected category. Main Category will be given priority to the entry, but if there is a category lacking submissions, an entry may be evaluated for their Secondary Category instead.


Judges will score entries for entered category based on the following judging criteria:

  1. Originality, Creativity & Intent
  2. Functionality & Technical Qualities (how well does it work?)
  3. Ease of Use & Adoption (impact on end-user experience)
  4. Game-changer (potential impact in category and industry)
  5. Implementation & Performance (go-to-market strategy and entries with track record will be rewarded)
  6. Sustainability & Potential for Growth (sound business model and market opportunity)

A nine-point scale will be used where 1 = Exceptionally Poor (the lowest score), 2 = Poor, 3 = Weak, 4 = Low-Average, 5 = Average, 6 = High-Average, 7 = Strong / Good, 8 = Excellent, 9 = Exceptionally excellent (the highest score)


Scores will be averaged together to determine each entry’s overall score. The entry with the highest score per category is the Category Winner. Some judges may abstain from a category if they believe there is a conflict of interest or for any other reason. In which case, some categories may have more scores than others. In any case, the score overall score will be averaged.

Award Mentions

Each judge is provided one opportunity (for the entire awards) to select an entry as a Mention that guarantees that entry receives recognition. If that entry does not win an Award Category, they will receive a RemTECH Award Mention. We provide this option to judges to protect the tyranny of the majority.  Judges will use this power highly selectively and do not have to award any of the entries with an Award Mention if they are not inspired to do so. They will also each provide an explanation as to why they selected the entry for a Mention.