We are looking for an innovative marketing or advertising campaign of a product or service for user of financial cross-border services, of any kind and shape, any place in the world; it can be a single piece, an infographic, a video, an online campaign or presentation, digital or in print, that embodies change, creativity, wit, that highlights in any way innovation in the industry, moving forward. It can be serious, funny; no constraints. We might award more points if the idea has been put to the test (has been in the public eye so results have been examined).

Note: In this category our judging panel can select winners based on individual characteristics of special entries. The judging panel is free to come up with other creative designations to highlight some entries that they feel need a spotlight to shine on them. These are some of them: Most Creative, Most Innovative Technology, Most Innovative Product, Most Innovative Service, Most Ready for Success, Most Marketable, The Leap-Forward Award, Africa’s Best, Latam’s Best, Europe’s Best, Asia’s Best and North America’s Best.

Category: Marketing-Advertising

Sponsor: The Spark Group