Remittances for Social Impact

We are looking for an innovative new product, service, program or insightful idea that maximizes the social impact of remittances to a family or a community, extending the beneficial use of remittances and its development impact, bridging the private and public sectors as well as the civil society, in the country of origin or of destination, as well as contributing in the financial inclusion and financial know-how of remittance customers.


Congratulations to the 2020 Winner of the Remittances for Social Impact Entry

Valiu: Providing safe dollar financial services for anyone, anywhere.

2020 Remittances for Social Impact Entries

City Express Money Transfer: Campaign to promote legal remittance with social impact

Leaf Global Fintech: Financial services to refugees on a mobile device through blockchain technology

MyCash Money: Mobile-only remittance service for the unbanked migrants in their mother tongue

Ripple in partnership with Xendpay: Xendpay & Ripple Remittances Charity Campaign