Become a Sponsor! Help us bring innovation to the remittance industry and have your brand be associated with innovation and forward thinking by working with us in the promotions of the Awards globally. You will also be part of all the online marketing campaign and your executives can be part of the Award Ceremony held at the Global Forum on Remittance, Investment, and Development (GFRID) 2018 hosted by the World Bank, IFAD, and UNDESA with your logo imprinted in the Awards.


Sponsorship Package

  • Logo Placement on event website and on all event marketing materials
  • Announcement of the Sponsorship in Newsletter
  • Announcement of the Sponsorship in Social Media
  • The presence of sponsor’s logo and/or company name in a special online marketing campaign promoting the RemTECH Awards
  • A sponsor you can choose one/two of the categories presented at the Awards. The categories’ promotion will include the logo and/or name of the sponsor
  • The company’s CEO (or representative) will be able to personally present the awards for the one/two categories selected by the sponsor at the Award Ceremony.
  • A Sponsor will be able to nominate a judge for the Independent Judging Panel

Become a sponsor

    Sponsorship FAQs

    Who is The RemTECH Awards audience?

    The RemTECH Awards ceremony will be hosted by UNDESA, The World Bank, and IFAD at the annual Global Forum on Remittance, Innovation, and Development (GFRID) 2018 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This year GFRID is focusing on Asia-Pacific region, and the executives of central banks, NGOs, and money service businesses involved in the region can be expected to attend to discuss how the private and public sectors can better support the migrants remitting funds back to their countries of origins.

    We will also invite the award finalists to The RemTECH Awards ceremony who will largely consist of technology startups and organizations with an emphasis on blockchain. For the popular vote, they’ll be promoting their work to all their fans and supporters. The RemTECH Awards marketing team will do the same.


    What will sponsorship funds go towards?

    We are determined to make the RemTECH Awards 2018 an even better success than last year, which received 36 entrants admitted into competition, 11 awards were given and 10 Mentions were presented by the Judges. Check the Book we distributed and the video of the results. However, this comes with the following expenses:

    • Marketing: outreach, coordination, website development, and content for press, social media, and partnerships
    • Travel and accommodations: we’d like to make it easy for judges, and ideally finalists, to attend GFRID 2018 in Kuala Lumpur so that they can benefit from the networking potential
    • Organization: coordinating partnerships, sponsors, and entries can be a full-time job. We need to compensate our hard-working team accordingly


    Why sponsor?

    The RemTECH Awards 2018 is dedicated to bringing remittance innovation forward by scouting the most ground-breaking solutions and showcasing them to the businesses and organizations that can benefit most. We want to not only push the conversation forward but also foster implementation and adoption of these innovations to the existing networks that can them to the next level. Your sponsorship can help achieve this.


    Who has already committed to sponsoring The RemTECH Awards 2018?

    Bitspark, Xpress Money, Tranglo, IMTC, Mohr World, and the Platinum Network.


    How much does sponsorship cost?

    Depending on your budget and alignment with The RemTECH Awards mission we are flexible on the amount. Please reach out to find out more.

    Become a sponsor