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Become a Sponsor! Help us bring innovation to the remittance industry. We are looking for two Platinum Sponsors, two Gold Sponsors, three Silver Sponsors and three Bronze Sponsors, starting from US 9,500 for a Platinum to US$ 2,500 for a Bronze. Let your brand be associated with innovation & forward thinking!

Do you want to become a partner? PATRONS are companies and individuals that want to work with us to promote the awards or any other way help the organization of the RemTECH Awards with actions and initiatives instead of funds. We need all the help we can get!

The Sponsors wil get, depending on the Sponsorship Level:

  • Logo Placement on event marketing materials
  • Promotional Video to be shown at the Awards
  • 3 minute presentation at the beginning of the event
  • Announcement of the Sponsorship in Newsletter
  • Announcement of the Sponsorship in Social Media
  • Presentation of one of the awards
  • Consideration of a Company Executive as judge
  • Logo in the event site, linking
  • Mention at the beginning of Award Ceremony
  • A full color Ad in Printed Awards Book One Page
  • Banner in Conference App
  • Company logo on the back cover of Awards Book
  • Free Passes to the Event
  • Display Banner in Event Ballroom in San Francisco
  • Placement of Logo on the RemTECH Welcome Banner in SFO
  • Logo placement on the RemTECH Booth in New York
  • Authorization to distribute promotional items at both events